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Perfect for meal prepping multiple meals at once, freezing in the freezer, microwaving (no lid), then washing in the dishwasher (recommended top rack) before next use. Control your portions and count your macros! Our meal prep containers are airtight and leak-resistant. They can be reused more often than those made by many of our competitors. More details: Food-safe: only high-quality, food-grade virgin polypropylene is used. Toxin-free: contain no BPA, phthalates or toxic additives. Made in Ontario, Canada to strict FDA and CFIA guidelines. Microwave (no lid) & Dishwasher safe. Comes with our meal prepping ebook giving you tips, and recipes. Containers are made from microwave safe materials and are suitable for reheating precooked foods. Frozen food must be defrosted before reheating. Never heat beyond 100°C/212°F (the temperature of boiling water). Some foods, such as those high in oils, fats, sugars, or salts, can reach temperatures above 100°C/212°F when heated too quickly and/or for too long. Such overheating can cause damage and potentially melt the container. Should this occur, discard both the container and its contents. Never use container in a conventional oven, convection oven, toaster oven or on a stovetop heating element. Always leave the lid open when using the microwave. Containers are made from residential dishwasher safe materials. For dishwashers that have an exposed heating element, the containers must be securely placed on the top rack. Direct contact with exposed heating elements will result in deformation and possible melting. Containers are made using freezer capable and safe materials suitable for both refrigerator and freezer use. In freezer applications, the material becomes increasingly brittle when exposed to lower subzero temperatures . In the event that a container cracks or breaks, normally as a result of an impact, discard both the container and its contents.

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